Many services; one standard for excellence

We utilize 5-axis CNC lasers to texture, engrave, micromachine, drill blind holes, and mark complex 3D surfaces of molds and component parts while maintaining micron-level accuracy and repeatability.

Our femtosecond 5-axis CNC laser allows us to work with virtually any material including but not limited to tool metals, precious metals, copper, brass, graphite, ceramics, sapphire, glass, plastics, and so on.

Proof of Concept (POC) is the cornerstone of our services, supporting our customers from idea (can it be done?), to feasibility (is laser the best process?), to prototype parts (time to validate the process), and on to full production.

We are here to support projects of all sizes from a one-off mold/part or programs of thousands. Our System 3R robotic automation integrated between multiple lasers on a linear rail allows for 24/7 “lights out” production to manage multiple projects and programs across multiple lasers maximizing time and cost savings.

Texturing & Engraving

5-axis laser ablation ensures improved quality, reliability, accuracy and repeatability; it preserves parting lines; protects highly polished surfaces; removes the need for pre-texture surface polishing in many cases; all making it cost-neutral compared to conventional chemical processes.


Micron level micro-structures are possible with our ultra-short pulse laser technology. Our femtosecond laser use cold ablation to produce burr-free features, particularly beneficial in the medical, life sciences, aerospace industries. With 5-axis machine movement and working distances up to 300mm, we bring a versatile and efficient process to produce micro features to the manufacturing world.

Development & Proof of concept

We bring decades of laser industry experience, cross-disciplined training, and leading-edge technology to transform new problems into new solutions. Bring your ideas and we will develop a strategy to help you prove the concept.

Patterns & Textures

No limits – patterns can be geometric, organic, transitioning and digressive, fading seamlessly from one to the next. Create your own custom pattern or choose from our expanding library of patterns. Already have a pattern sample you would like to match? We can work from virtually any sample material to help you create the look and feel to transform your products.

100% Digital Process

Our digital 3D pattern-mapping process allows us to apply your choice of pattern(s) seamlessly to complex 3D surfaces. Once mapped, we can render 3D previews for quality assurance. Not sure about your pattern decision, then have us render a few and make a well-informed choice!

Specialized Marking

Permanent, vibrant colors and light diffracting qualities are some effects possible on metals. Whether for marketing, anti-counterfeiting or data matrix tracking, our lasers are uniquely suited for marking on complex 3D surfaces. Explore the possibilities!

High Volume Programs

Utilizing custom aluminum fixtures and palletized work holding, our integrated robotic automation can manage projects from a single part up into the thousands, 24/7, all day and all night.

Laser Cutting – No HAZ

We employ ultra-fast laser technology to cut a wide range of thin materials such as plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, etc. without the compromising effect of a heat affected zone (HAZ).


Applying our knowledge and experience to your project is one more way we can contribute to your success. Whatever your goals are, we are here to listen, learn, discover, and work strategically to solve problems. Your problems.