We have a special announcement—Providence Texture has been acquired by Precision Coating!

A note from Matt Melonio— “Precision Coating became a customer shortly after I founded Providence Texture in 2016, allowing us to tailor much of our process to their high-volume workflow that followed. Over the years, we have grown to become a true extension of their manufacturing process and this acquisition feels like a natural progression. It will enable us to further refine our laser processes and provide our customers with an even greater range of services and expertise. We look forward to pursuing the possibilities and new opportunities.”

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Welcome to Providence Texture

Providence Texture is an ISO:13485 certified nanosecond & femtosecond laser service company with international recognition for an inventive use of 5-axis CNC lasers in manufacturing. Our core services include texturing, engraving, marking, and micro-machining performed on mold cavities, inserts, EDM electrodes, product components, and finished parts. 

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Moving into medical with laser precision

Interested in learning a bit more about Providence Texture but from an outside perspective? Check us out in Today’s Medical Developments magazine Jan/Feb edition and be sure to click the video link to better understand “why femtosecond lasers”.

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Flexible laser services meeting many needs

Our services are used for applications across a variety of industries including medical, aerospace, packaging, defense, automotive, energy, jewelry, home goods, optics, lighting, and consumer electronics to name a few.

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ISO 13485:2016 Quality Policy

Providence Texture offers laser services with amazing speed, accuracy, and repeatability using the most advanced 5-axis CNC laser technology. With laser ablation as our core process, we discover opportunities and solve problems as a strategic extension of our customers’ manufacturing efforts. We are committed to continuous improvement by furthering our technical competence and maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system.

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With the closing of the Mold-Tech facility in Chicopee MA, we were looking for a new local source for providing mold texturing services. Prior to the Mold-Tech facility closing, we utilized Providence Texture for mold engraving, but our customers were reluctant to try the texturing service. The extra freight time and longer lead times, with the other Mold-Tech facilities in the mid-west, forced our hand.

Providence Texture has laser textured a couple of jobs for us. One was a complete new mold cavity texture and the other was an engineering change, where the cavity was welded, edm’d , stoned and the task was to match the current Mold-Tech texture.

The new cavity texture appears to show sharper, more crisp edges as compared to the equivalent Mold-Tech texture. On the repair, I could not see where the weld ended and parent steel started, which is always a concern when trying to blend texture on a welded surface.

We are pleased with the workmanship and attention to detail.

Ron Caron

GM Operations, Beacon MedTech Solutions

“Matt and the Providence Texture Team are very responsive and provide top quality surface texture solutions for our molds.”

Jim Putnam

Tooling Manager, Whelen Engineering

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