Big thinking on a microscopic level

Femto and nano 5-axis CNC lasers

New Generation Texture, Engraving, Machining and Marking

Unlimited capacity and speed: 24/7

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Functional and aesthetic surfaces – even on complex 3D forms

Using the most advanced Nanosecond and Dual Source Femtosecond 5-axis CNC laser technology available on the continent, we texture, engrave and mark molds or parts with amazing speed, accuracy and repeatability—within microns.

Laser ablation is our core process which we support with many value-added services. We discover opportunities and solve problems as a strategic extension of our customers’ manufacturing efforts.


Micromachining, Texturing, Engraving

Marking, Cutting, Drilling & Functional Surfaces

Proof of Concept & Pattern Design

3D Scanning + CAD modeling


5-Axis Femtosecond & Nanosecond Lasers

System 3R Linear Track Automation

Sensofar S neox 3D Scanner

ATOS triple Scan 3D Scanner


Trade Shows

Speaking Engagements

Career Opportunities

Companies served — products enhanced

Industries Served

While our experience spans many categories, we love a new challenge.


Texture, engrave and mark Surgical instruments, LSR injection molds, plastic injection Molds, laser-blasting of parts and molds replacing manual bead-blasting.

Packaging / Closures

Texture and engraving of bottle molds, closure molds, capping chucks, and direct texture, engraving, marking of unique parts.


Texturing, engraving and custom surface finishes of lens molds, injection molds and blow molds.


Texture and engrave die-stamps, molds and parts. Mark certain metals with colors or add light-diffracting designs to nearly all metals.


When accuracy is most important – Functional textures, engraving, and part marking of protective gear and components.


Proof of concept and R&D towards functional surfaces for performance & efficiency. Micron accuracy engraving and part marking.


Texture and engraving of injection molds for many consumer products. Molded light diffracting finishes when used with advanced heat/cool molding technology.

Consumer Products

Texture and engraving for a wide range of products including small kitchen appliances, food storage, utensils, garden tools, power tools and on…

Sports Equipment

Many brands have found distinct marketing and functional advantages through laser engraving and texturing for shoes, protective gear, molded parts and brand related gear.