Precision Technology.
We use pulses of light that last a millionth of a billionth of a second.

Our 5-axis CNC lasers are specifically designed for ablation on highly complex 3D surfaces, and can accommodate parts ranging in sizes smaller than the head of a pin up to a 3700 lb. multi-cavity mold. The inherent precision and quality of this technology allows for exquisitely subtle textures, highly detailed engravings, microscopic structures for extraordinary functional surfaces, and a high level of flexibility for part marking in color on many metals.

Large volume programs are easily managed with our integrated System 3R robotic automation, allowing for efficient 24/7 production seamlessly between multiple lasers.

Working in tandem with our lasers, Providence Texture employs robust quality control with four distinct 3D scanning technologies—structured blue light, focal variation, confocal and interferometry.

AgieCharmilles Laser P 400 U

Providence Texture’s Laser P 400 U is unique among all other femtosecond laser systems on the market, with unmatched 5-axis working distance and dual laser sources (20 watt IR femto and 30 watt IR nano).

Our current 20 watt infrared (IR) femto laser allows us to ablate virtually any material, including various grades of steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, crystal, precious metals, and more.

Linked to our System 3R automation cell with standard Macro pallets, our P 400 U can run 24/7 with “lights out” productivity.

With 3-micron or better accuracy, our P 400 U references molds and parts with either an integrated Renishaw 40mm long, 2mm diameter ruby tip touch probe, or an on-board Cognex high-resolution vision system.

Providence Texture remains the only job shop in North America with the P 400 U +IR femto and nano dual source laser.

AgieCharmilles Laser P 1000 U

Our 5-axis Laser P 1000 U is equipped with a 30 watt flexible pulse IR nanosecond source, striking a balance of efficient material removal with unparalleled surface finishing capabilities. Linked to our System 3R automation cell for 24/7 “lights out” productivity, it can utilize both the 280x280mm Dynafix and standard Macro pallets for maximum flexibility.

The P 1000 U has a 5-axis capacity of approximately 330 lbs. and a volume of approximately 12 inches cubed. Larger and/or heavier parts are possible when programmed with limited 5-axis or 3-axis movements.

With 3-micron accuracy, the P 1000 U references molds and parts with an integrated Renishaw 50mm long, 3mm diameter ruby tip touch probe.

AgieCharmilles Laser P 1200 U

Our Laser P 1200 U 5-axis laser is equipped with a 50 watt IR nanosecond source for both rapid and highly detailed material removal.

With a boast-worthy 3700 lb. weight capacity, we can ablate parts in excess of 27 inches cubed in full 5-axis, and much larger parts when programmed in limited 5-axis or 3-axis movement. This makes the P 1200 U ideal for most automotive texture applications, including light lenses – an ideal tool when texturing on or near diamond polished surfaces.

With 3-micron accuracy, the P 1200 U references molds and parts with an integrated Renishaw 50mm long, 3mm diameter ruby tip touch probe.

System 3R Automation

Our System 3R transformer robot provides us with the automation to easily handle high volume projects with high part counts into the thousands, and run several individual projects for 24/7, “lights out” production between our P 1000 U and P 400 U.

We employ System 3R Dynafix and standard Macro pallets for flexibility and repeatable accuracy within 2- microns. Each pallet can be outfitted with customized work holding fixtures to populate with multiple parts or to affix an unusually shaped part lacking touch probe pickup points.

With 28 ft. of linear track and a forward thinking approach, we are prepared to seamlessly add tooling capacity and machines to continually meet our customers’ needs.

Datron NEO

Our Datron NEO high speed mill allows us to optimize our System 3R automation through the efficiency and flexibility of on-site machining of custom aluminum fixtures and work holding solutions.

Just one more way we innovate to better serve our customers.

Sensofar S neox

Equipped with focal variation, confocal and interferometry scanning options with sub-micron accuracy and a 300x300mm motorized scanning bed, our Sensofar S neox is a powerful and flexible tool for surface analysis and allows us to capture large areas for reverse engineering surface textures.

The S neox is an essential part of our day to day QC for the inspection of micron-level functional surfaces and validation of our texture specifications.

ATOS Triple Scan 16m

Another tool used to support our laser services is our ATOS Triple Scan 16m structured blue light optical digitizer.

This flexible tool allows us to optically scan and digitize parts or features of virtually any size (from Boeing 737 parts down to a finger print) for a CAD-to-part deviation analysis, to collect data from a repaired or modified mold or part, to reverse engineer parts and surface topography–yet another way for us to capture extremely coarse surface textures, or for engraving details.

We also offer scanning as a stand-alone service for inspection, reverse engineering and more. Give us a call to discuss your application…