About Providence Texture

Providence Texture is a manufacturing service company that utilizes 5-axis CNC lasers specifically designed to texture, engrave, machine and mark the surfaces of injection, blow and die cast molds, die stamps, and manufactured ‘end product’ parts, whether flat, cylindrical and highly complex 3D surfaces, with micron-level accuracy and repeatability.

Applications for our specialized services can be found in nearly every step of the manufacturing supply chain for industries including medical, lighting, aerospace, optics, automotive, packaging, home goods, and consumer electronics. Examples of recent work can be found on automotive lighting, plastic bottles, bottle caps/closures, a variety of operating room instruments, in jewelry showrooms, and in many hidden places such as ocular implants, the surface of high friction surfaces, and so on.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to listen, learn, discover, and work strategically to solve problems.

Matt Melonio

Matt Melonio


Mr. Melonio has been working in the texture industry since his first days as a shop-floor technician in 1991. He brings a wealth of experience pulled from many different disciplines such as fine art, furniture making and metal work, all of which compliment his many years in the texture industry developing textures, patterns and engraving Processes.

Fueled by an inherent curiosity and a love for the work he does, Mr. Melonio has become one of the most versatile and skilled technicians in the industry. He brings a unique perspective to every project and to the texture industry as a whole…