Functional and aesthetic surfaces – even on complex 3D forms

Providence Texture offers laser services with amazing speed, accuracy, and repeatability using the most advanced 5-axis CNC laser technology. With laser ablation as our core process, we discover opportunities and solve problems as a strategic extension of our customers’ manufacturing efforts. We are committed to continuous improvement by furthering our technical competence and maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system.

ISO 13485:2016 Quality Policy


Micromachining, Texturing, Engraving

Marking, Cutting, Drilling & Functional Surfaces

Proof of Concept & Development


5-Axis Femtosecond & Nanosecond Lasers

System 3R Linear Track Automation

3D Optical Profilometer – Inspection


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About Providence Texture

Providence Texture is an established laser service company with international recognition for an inventive use of 5-axis CNC lasers. Our services are used for a variety of applications, aesthetic and functional, in industries including medical, aerospace, optics, lighting, automotive, packaging, jewelry, watches, home goods and consumer electronics to name a few.

Examples of recent work include NASA test projectiles, ocular implants, orthopedic implants and assemblies, operating room instruments, automotive lighting, sports and exercise equipment, precious metal jewelry, bottle caps/closures, and so on.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to listen, learn, discover, and work strategically to solve problems as an extension of your manufacturing efforts.

Our Team

Matt Melonio – President & CEO (founding member)

Matt’s path to founding Providence Texture in February of 2016 was shaped over many years and through varied experiences. He began his career working as a shop-floor technician in 1991 developing and applying textures, patterns and engraving processes for traditional chemical etching. In 2010, Matt began applying his texture industry know-how to working with 5-axis CNC lasers, learning as much as he could about the laser machine tool technology and its many applications. Ultimately his immersive learning and curiosity lead to him founding Providence Texture to explore new types of laser applications and areas of laser services. Matt’s leadership is shaping Providence Texture into a laser service company with international recognition for its inventive applications and quality.